Depending on where we live or the conditions of space, it often happens that we have a characteristic smell that identifies us, but the problem is when there is an unpleasant smell in our home, especially when we have large carpets. Whether for an animal, for cigar ash or for any other reason, a bad smell in the house is never pleasant. That is why on this occasion we bring you some tips on how to completely get rid of those odors with greater ease and instead enjoy a pleasant aroma.

When it comes to carpets, it is the main accumulator of odors, because it is a piece that is not washed as often and is always in use, that is, we walk on them, it can happen that it gets dirty by something spilled and only cleaned superficially, etc.

And therefore, it is more complicated to definitively eliminate the odors from it, as they accumulate and concentrate.  Using textile deodorants only solves the problem for a moment, so we do not suggest you opt for this choice.

Something simple and that anyone can have on hand is baking soda. The correct way to use it is by spreading it on the carpet and letting it act for a period of 20 to 30 minutes. Then the vacuum cleaner is used and with the baking soda will also leave the unpleasant smell that the carpet used to have.  When the problem is a bit more serious, for example a smell of tobacco, we suggest something to place in the ashtrays so that the smell does not spread through other areas of the house as usually happens in these cases.

It is about to put some aromatic leaves that can be leaves of pine or the fruits of the eucalyptus. These will burn and their aroma absorbs that of tobacco or cigar. You can also place coffee beans in different containers through various areas of the house and this helps to absorb any unpleasant smell from the home.