How much do you spend per month on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer? If the answer gives you a headache, it is because you are probably not contributing to maintaining proper energy efficiency in your home. And not only that, the less efficient your home, the less respectful you will be with the preservation of the environment, something that increasingly concerns the citizenry.

Did you know that about 50% of the energy consumption that is used in the homes of our country is associated with the climate of our homes? In this regard, we should not only consider the selection of air conditioning equipment that best fits our expectations and needs, but also pay attention to the development of actions that allow a better use of natural resources without this entails no additional cost, such as the following:

  • It will be highly recommended to have our home maintain a stable temperature during the central hours of the day, enjoying the heat that brings us the sun, by opening blinds and shutters.
  • We must take care that the surfaces of our radiators are clean, avoiding that they are covered by furniture or other decorative elements, otherwise a greater energy supply will be needed to achieve the same ambient temperature.
  • Another measure to study is the placement of thermostats and utensils that allow the automatic programming of our heating systems, contributing to an ‘ intelligent consumption’ of resources, and centralizing the expenditure in those periods of the day in which the house is occupied.

The thermal insulation is also a factor of great importance for obtaining adequate climate of our home.

We must be aware that a suitably insulated home will reduce our air conditioning needs by around 30% , which gives us an idea of ​​the importance of effective and efficient insulation systems. In this sense, the main measures that can be carried out to optimize the thermal insulation of our house are the following:

  • The placement of curtains contributes very positively to avoid the loss of heat in the home
  • In the same way, it will be convenient to place adhesive strips on exterior doors and windows, in order to increase thermal insulation. This measure will allow us to reduce our energy consumption by around 10%
  • Consistent with the previous measure, we can consider the installation of double glazing, as this action will report a reduction in energy consumption close to 20%

Regarding the energy efficiency of lighting systems and appliances, we must take into account the specific labeling that these elements of private use have, as it gives us an idea of ​​the level of consumption they require for their operation. Also, it is advisable:

  • Use low-energy and fluorescent lamps and bulbs in the general lighting and LEDs for those rooms and elements in which we need a lighting of greater power or quality. The use of these elements can result in energy savings of up to 50% in terms of lighting.
  • The use of this type of lighting will be preferable in those rooms where longer and constant illumination is required, since it is not advisable to switch it on and off frequently because most of the consumption occurs in the start-up process and will also reduce their useful life.
  • To the extent that clear shades are used in wall painting, our lighting needs will be significantly lower.
  • Finally, it is convenient to take the maximum possible energy savings of our appliances, which will be essential to follow the recommendations of the manufacturers and are conveniently included in their instruction manual.