Past carpenters used hand tools to feel the wood, handle logs and build lasting structures. Sharp blades and design special traditional woodworking tools allow the worker model and create intricate woodwork. Whether you’re collecting old tools or building a log cabin, familiarize yourself with the traditional tools of carpenter and September brings the right for your project.

Saw two men

The builders used the saw for two men to bring down timber for pole structures and traditional beams. The saw blade to two men had about 4-5 feet (121.92 to 152.40 cm) and a protruding handles at each of its ends. One side of the saw blade is straight and flat, while the other is softer, with an obtuse curve and a series of sharp teeth. As the name of the tool implies, it requires two people saw to be used; an operator pushes on one side while the operator pulls on the side opposite.


The ads perform a smoothing of the surface and remove the bark from the wood. The ads are similar to an ax, with one notable exception: The edge of the blade of the ax is perpendicular to the handle, rather than parallel. The unique position of the cutting edge of the ax allows the tool to dig through and along the piece of wood. To use an adze, builders stand on or next to the wood and sheet accommodates the tool on the surface of the wood with a sawing motion. Leaf traps, bark starts and extracted and the material is on the surface of the log.

Knife draw

As the ax, knife drawing removes material from the surface of the wood. The knife-shaped miniature saw two men. However, instead of sharp teeth at the edges, the knife has a smooth, sharp and sliding edge. To use the drawing knife, the carpenter riding the log, take a tip of the knife in each hand, sinking the blade into the wood of the wood and push the blade into his body. The sharp blade removed from the surface of the wood. The thinner the sharp blade of the knife, the more accurate the molding obtained compared with the ax.


Carpenter uses a traditional woodworking chisels to create connecting posts and beams. Wood chisels are two basic parts: a sheet with sharp edge and a right handle. Carpenters pressed the blade of a wood chisel in hand or hitting the chisel with a mallet. The chisel away pierces the bark and wood surface to create holes, pegs or carved decoration. Chisels help create many common carpentry joints, including boxes, spikes and lap joints.