There are many different types of walls and fences, and construction used for specific purposes. If you want a wall or fence to protect your privacy, it is obvious that there will choose the same kind of close to someone who wants to make a barrier to prevent your dog to escape the confines of your property.

Picket fence

The picket fence is mainly used for decoration and fencing, as it is too low to provide privacy or security either inside or outside the property. This is a design that is characterized by classic small posts located at a distance of 6 to 8 inches (15.4 to 20.3 cm) from each other. The stakes have near perfect rails that have the same height.

Brick wall

Brick walls can follow a variety of patterns depending on how the bricks are placed. Brick need a mixture usually done with sand, Portland cement, lime and water. The brick walls are very versatile in terms of aesthetics as they are available in a variety of colors and textures.

Post and rail

A fence post and rail can be done of double fence rail posts with each other or using mortise and tenor joints, which connect the rails inserted into the posts. This is the traditional type of fence used in large properties where privacy is not a concern.

Cement block walls

The cement block walls are a good choice for a retaining wall. The style concrete blocks and varieties and colors provide some flexibility as to the aesthetic, though not as much as offering the bricks. Some bricks are molded and develop standards and allow greater creativity than other materials.

Stone wall

Stone walls can be made with any type of stone available. This is a good choice for a wall if your property has stones, because you can naturally incorporate the wall. Otherwise, you’ll have to find some kind of stone you can buy.

Wire gauze

The link fence provides protection from dogs and other animals that do not usually dig. Always research to make sure your dog breed not dig or otherwise have to improve the safety of placing a wire fence along the bottom.

Board and batten

The board and batten fences are made with vertical wooden boards are nailed at their junctions. This type of fence not only offers privacy but has also proven to be an effective means to protect the sound they make noisy neighbors or dogs. These fences also block the wind when open below the bottom of the vertical space tables.